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Neo People is an all-in-one HR software that streamlines onboarding, consolidates employee records and reduces administrative busy work. We’re getting you out of the maze of spreadsheets and back in front of your team.
Here are some Helpful NeoPeople features that can help you do so in a snap!

Employee Self Service(ESS)

Everyone benefits from great self-service. With Neo People employees simply log in to update their personal information, view vacation days remaining, and request time off..

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Personal Details
Employees can enter their own details from addresses right through to emergency contact details using ESS.

Bank Details
Let employees enter their own banking details and manage any changes themselves using their ESS login.

The ESS login allows employees to enter license details. The function incorporates all background information and more.

Leave Request
Employees can see what leave is available and request leave using ESS.

People Management

It’s difficult to be accurate when employee data is jumbled into spreadsheets and paper files. With Neo People you’ll have fast and easy access to a comprehensive database of key HR information that’s specifically organized to save you time.

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See up-to-date profiles
Capture contact details, next of kin, photos, education, qualifications, etc.

Retain a history
Keep track of historical data you might need later—like previous posts and job titles—as well as the records of former employees.

Record Assets
Keep track of company laptops, mobile phones etc.

Store documents
Attach documents to relevant records and benefit from secured, centralized access to CVs, contracts, licenses etc.

Compliant and Secure
You’re not just tracking trivial tidbits. You’re tracking confidential compliance data. Because of that, our system not only ensures accuracy for compliance, but we take extra precautions to provide enterprise-level security for your data.

Leave Management

Don’t get bogged down using spread sheets or paper to manage employees’ time off. Automate every step of the procedure, from requesting time off, to the manager’s approval, to recording the time off on the shared company calendar, and updating individual employees’ entitlements and accruals.

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Simplify the way you manage employee time off by making the process much faster and more convenient.

You’ll benefit from greater visibility over sicknesses, automatic calculation of holiday entitlements, smoother approval processes and a host of other smart features that will save you time and put you in control.
Employees can request time off directly through the dashboard.
Administrators can easily review and approve time off requests, sick leave, personal leave, and more all in a matter of seconds.

Real time insight into employee time off
Administrators and managers can see upcoming employee availability and make better scheduling decisions, while employees can view how much time off they’ve accrued or used.

Keep control
HR administrators have the power to recalculate holiday entitlements to reflect changes in contracts, or make manual adjustments if required.

Recruitment Management

Attract and hire top talent, improve employee engagement, develop leaders within your organization and increase the quantity and quality of applicants.

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Post vacancies
Automatically post the latest vacancies on your websiter.

Capture information
Ask candidates to simply upload a resume, or ask them to complete an online application form, so you gather the information you need.

Manage communication
Reduce admin overheads by automatically triggering emails, such as interview invitations or rejections, based on your selection steps.

Keep a record
Add notes and interview feedback, or upload documents to candidate records, so you always have the complete picture.
Since every application made online goes directly into your database, you’ll have a single source of information about everyone who has applied to you. Need to fill a vacancy at short notice? Start by searching the resumes you’ve collected already.

Onboarding Management

One of the most frustrating aspects of hiring a new employee is the time required to get them ready to do the job. Filling out paperwork takes time away from preparing new hires for their role in the company. Simplifying and automating time intensive and manual processes streamlines activities, lessens chances for data input error, ensures compliance and gets a new employee off to a great start.

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Simplify hire and onboard of new employees
Automate manual or paper-based onboarding processes to save administrative time and get the employee on the job faster. Employees spend more time learning about culture and responsibilities and less time filling out and returning paperwork.

Get everything set up for your new hires in minutes
Set up and send email reminders to your new hire’s manager or other departments to help make your new employee’s onboarding experience smooth and easy.

Accelerate employee proficiency
A paperless onboarding process provides managers with more time to train new hires on their roles, enabling new employees to get started faster.

Reduce organizational risk
No need to keep paper files as data is available anytime, anywhere with an internet connection. Preserve important HR documents such as offer letters, ID’s and certifications for a modern onboarding experience.

Exit Management

Streamline and automate the Exit Management of employees who have resigned and those that have been terminated.

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Exit Interview
Create and manage your Exit interview questionnaire. It is automatically sent to the employee on approval of the resignation.

Empowers the HR manager to initiate the exit process online
Enables the HR department to disburse an exit checklist, file the check list responses and generate relieving letter

Separation Details
Record separation related information – date of resignation, type of separation, notice period details, reason, etc.

Certification Tracking

Whether you are in charge of workers on job sites who need to be certified to run equipment safely, or you work in IT where employees need to keep up on their programming skills, Neo People will help you organize and keep track of employee certifications.

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Track certificate expirations and keep your business in compliance
Manage certificates and courses and email notifications to department heads

Staff Self-Service
Staff can have the ability to update their own certification records, training, status dates and renewals

Audit Tracking
Generate reports based on upcoming, pending, and expiring certifications

Expense Management

Now there’s a way for your workers to capture, approve, and submit expense reports, resulting in lower costs, improved accounting accuracy, and faster reimbursements.

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Submission and Approval
Capture expense receipt images and submit expense reports on the go

Automated workflow
Automate expense management means faster reimbursement times and lower costs while putting an end to paper receipts forever

Performance Management

Define, discuss, deliver and measure accomplishments. Encourage year-round behaviors and create a career roadmap for employee and workplace development. Ensure equitable treatment of employees through consistent, standardized procedures.

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Streamline performance reviews
Set up the forms you need and choose who should be involved in each step of your process. It’s an integrated, easy-to-manage, and much more satisfying approach for all of your employees.

Build forms
Create as many performance planning and appraisal forms as you need, each with their own questions, types of answers, ratings, participants, and workflows.

Automate distribution
Just trigger the review and the system takes care of the rest: sending notifications to the right people, at the right time and helping to ensure your whole cycle runs smoothly.

Asset Management

Manage, track, deploy and collect assets including hardware, software, telephony and security items (alarm codes, door keys, laptops, etc.). Asset Tracker simplifies new hire provisioning and ensures the collection of important assets from departing employees.

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Find your assets when you need them
Track locations, statuses, and maintenance histories

Monitor Assets in Multiple Locations
Record, maintain, and report all of your assets for each site

A searchable, sortable and filterable asset list
Group assets into categories for quick reports

Document and File Management

Managing employee records can be a never-ending process of updating, uploading, and filing away documents for safekeeping. Create a true paper-less work environment by securely keeping all of your HR and Company documents online.
No need to worry about finding different ways to share your company files with your employees. Save sensitive employee files while limiting access to specific personnel.

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Template Files
Keep your document templates in one place. Create and manage document templates that you give to you employees when they join, leave, get promoted or get disciplined.
Generate documents to be printed and given to the employee and file it away online.

Attach documents provided by the employees and save them online for future access. You can also share them with the employee in the employee self-service area.

Comprehensive Reports

Small to midsize businesses can now have access to the same kind of HR analytics that big businesses use.

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Unlock the value of your data
With a fully integrated platform any changes made to company or employee-level data are automatically reflected in your reports.

Protect Data
Executives, administrators and managers alike have the power to view and analyze data in real-time. If a report contains sensitive or restricted information, only those users with the appropriate permissions have access.

Export data
Data is safe, but not locked in. Depending on security permissions, data can be exported, for example to use for payroll or analysis.

User-Level Security

Access to sensitive data is restricted to authorized personnel performing specific task and requires two-factor authentication. A real-time audit log is kept of all data access and changes made by administrators and employees.

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Keep sensitive HR data safe
Sharing information should be simple, but it has to be protected too. That’s why we made is easy for you to control who can see or change your HR data.

Secure logins
Benefit from advanced password protection and optional two-step authentication.

Set permissions
Link employees and managers to different roles, each with their own permissions, so you have control over the information and documents they can see or edit.

Define involvement
Decide what employee or their managers can see or change in key processes, such as accrued vacation.


Stay on top of all elements of compensation; from base pay to benefits, and from bank details to bonuses. Data is available when you need it, and payroll processing simpler. You’ll save time, reduce errors and improve reporting.

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Hourly and salaried employees
We support both!

Flexible payment schedules
There are no limits on the number of pay schedules you can create. Neo People enables you to easily have multiple pay schedules tailored to meet your unique needs.

Unlimited payrolls
Run payroll as many times as you need.

Unlimited bonus and off-cycle payrolls
You don’t need to wait until the next pay period to pay employees.

Multiple entities
Manage multiple businesses with ease. Every business can be configured with its own set of payroll options.

Generate and download reports for payroll history, tax payments, and more.

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