Our fully integrated system updates earnings, allowances, deductions and taxes automatically. From one employee to hundreds of employees, our payroll system can be customized to fit your specific needs

Unlimited payrolls. Run payroll as many times as you need.

Automatically calculates statutory contributions such as Income Tax and Social Security.

Administer benefits such as medical insurance and those deductions automatically sync with payroll.

Stay on top of all elements of compensation; from base pay to benefits, and from bank details to bonuses. Data is available when you need it, and payroll processing simpler. You’ll save time, reduce errors and improve reporting.

Supports weekly, biweekly, semi -monthly and monthly payroll periods.

Supports both hourly and salaried employees.

Generate and download reports for payroll history, payment method, allowances, deductions, tax payments, and more.

Give your employees secure access to their pay-stubs, pay history, and payroll information.

How our fully-integrated Payroll works

You’ll gain access to the full suite of functionality, set up to your requirements.
Step 1
Check data
Your payroll process is driven by employee data contained in HR., including bank and salary information.
Step 2
Process payroll
Your next pay run is ready to go; no data duplication or manual data entry is required.
Step 3
NeoPeople creates the bank files for quick and easy distribution of salaries to your employees bank accounts.
Step 4
Payment Submission and Employer Payment Summary are automatically produced for Social Security and Income Tax.
Step 5
Payroll reports
Over 50 different payroll reports so you can track and monitor each pay run.
Step 6
Payslips are generated and emailed automatically. These are also stored under the employee self-service.
Step 7
Year end
NeoPeople automatically generates the TD4’s for employer and employees and the P.A.Y.E. summary for Income Tax.
Step 8

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