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The way it’s always been
is no longer the way it has to be…

Neo People: a Cloud-based HR solution that is:


Easy to Use
Provide a consistent experience on any device, anywhere, anytime.

End-to-End Solution
Manage the entire employee lifecycle from pre-hire to retire.

Empowers the Organization
Let your employees and managers serve themselves.

What We Offer

Neo People Employee Self Service


Connect employees in a way that’s productive and engaging
• Employees & managers can log in to view and update their own information
• Submit time off requests for administrator or manager approval
• Users can view company property that is assigned to them


We make it super simple for businesses to eliminate the hassle of spreadsheets and in-house systems
• Keep track of special events, such as position changes, promotions, and more
• Upload company-wide or employee-specific documents and choose who to share them with
• Set up multiple departments and locations
• Access employee records easily, with an included employee portal for self-service


Track holiday, sick, vacation, and more. Detailed reporting of accrual balance changes.
• Manage holidays and leaves
• Staff can log in to the online self-service employee portal and view their balances
• Personnel can request time off, and when approved, automatically gets added to the At-a-Glance Calendar


Find, assess and hire new employees.
• Set up a job board to post open positions in just a few clicks and easily keep track of submitted applications
• Provide an engaging and personalized experience to candidates
• Remove barriers and obstacles that candidates often face when trying to apply for a job
• Assess not only skills and experience but qualities that more effectively determine long-term success and fit — behaviors, motivations, and career aspirations, etc.


Allow your new hires to be productive more quickly.
• Personalize a simple and meaningful welcome message for new employees
• Automate the completion, review, and signing of documents such as policy documents, and employment eligibility forms


Setup Exit checklist
• Create and manage your exit interview questionnaire
• Automatically send Exit questionnaire to the employee on approval of the resignation
• Employee can fill it up and a report is generated and filed under Employee profile


Produce reports instantly by having timely access to certification and training information.
• Track individual skills; certifications and grades received.
• Document all awards, accomplishments and recognition each employee has received over the years.


• Get expenses updated and approved fast.
• Employees can easily submit and justify expenses.
• Take a picture of your receipt from any mobile device and easily attach copies of receipts directly to an expense record
• Managers can review all expenses and either approve or reject individual requests as needed.


Replace manual, paper-based performance review processes with a simple and effective online performance review process.
• Configure and automate the entire performance review process with automatic notifications and approvals
• Provide employees with a simple and quick online performance review they can access via Employee Self-Service


Know the status of all your assets.
• Keep a record of assets such as laptops, vehicles, cell phones, etc. issued to employees
• Identify asset location and type


Easily export information.
• Reports can be tailored by division, location, department and position.
• Customize reports and import information into other programs.


Eliminate paper clutter, dozens of spreadsheets, and complex filing systems.
• Upload private or shared company files
• Choose to share or keep private on a per-file basis
• Share organization charts, employee handbooks, benefit information, and more


Control confidential information with various security levels for different users.
• Identify who will use Neo People, what information they require, and how they use it
• Control a user’s access to database elements such as records, fields, forms, and functions
• Control a user’s access to other user records and data


Enter your employee’s financial data and Neo People does the rest.

  • Supports salary grades, retroactive calculations, recurring earnings, deductions, loans, mass updates, and delivery of pay slips by emails among many other features.
  • Data is entered once, calculations are accurate, and fewer personnel are required for managing payroll.

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